June  11, 2014

It has been a while since Peru native guitarist/composer Andres Prado has been sharishing the Twin Cities music scene with his touching Peruvian sounds. Now he is back in town for a couple of weeks to perform a few gigs with a dynamic quintet of Twin Cities’ all-stars, including Peter Schimke (keys), Kevin Washington (drums), Pete Whitman (sax), and Jeff Bailey (bass). The jazz ensemble is also known under the name "Mississippi", a symbol for pulsating energy and natural power.

The quintet kicks off with a performance on "new music" night at Minneapolis´s Jazz Central (June 18th). The group will also hit the stage at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival in St. Paul (June 27th), or the IceHouse in Minneapolis (June 30th). Music stlyes are ranging from Coltrane to Peruvian folk themes to explorative original compositions of each of the band members.